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At Macmillan Education we help learners around the world to achieve more. We support students, teachers and institutions through a lifetime of learning by providing them with high quality content in the most relevant, engaging and flexible formats.

For over 170 years Macmillan’s pioneering spirit and reputation for quality has enabled us to build lasting relationships with teachers and educators around the world. Today, as education changes, we’re partnering with the best and most respected authors and developing digital solutions that enhance the teaching and learning experience for everyone - whether that’s a child learning their first words of English, a class engaging with a locally focused curriculum or a higher education student writing their first thesis.

Our passion for learning and commitment to education is second to none. It is clear in all we do. It is why Macmillan Education remains the most trusted partner to deliver innovative solutions that will drive student performance and help teachers and institutions to deliver excellent results.

Browse Macmillan Education site and learn more.

Browse Macmillan Education site and learn more.

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