We are committed to advancing discovery from all scientific and scholarly disciplines including: the applied, chemical, earth, engineering, life, physical and social sciences. This is made possible by the dedicated work of our highly talented editorial and publishing staff. View our videos to discover more about the fascinating people involved and the exciting work they do.


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Samantha Lonuzzi

Associate Editor, Springer

Samantha will tell you about her career choices to date, including how she joined us from the teaching profession, and how she feels that she contributes to her scientific community.


Marc Strauss

Editorial Director, Springer

Marc tells us how he has progressed in his career from production to being the Editorial Director for Mathematics and Statistics at Springer.


Ali Stoddart

Chief Editor, Nature Reviews Materials 

Ali has a background in chemistry, after completing her PhD she moved to industry. Listen to Ali tell you how, at the Reviews Journals, they go about commissioning reviews from authors around the world and about the value that the teams at Springer Nature add to a finished review.


Kyla Buckingham

Senior Development Editor, BMC 

Kyla is a literature major, who supplemented her course with an array of science classes. Kyla looks after the health of 9 cell biology journals, she works closely with marketing and the Editor-In-Chief of each of her journals devising strategies for improving her portfolio.


Alex Gruen

Editor, Springer

Alex is based in our Berlin office. Listen to Alex tell you about he enjoys working on products that cover a broad range of topics. Alex enjoys visiting scientists and learning about the exciting work that they are doing.


Catherine Potenski

Senior Editor, Nature Genetics

Catherine, who is based in our New York office, carried out a PhD and post-doctoral studies before joining the editorial team at BioMed Central.  Catherine now works with the Nature Research family of journals.


Karen Cheng

Senior Journal Development Editor, BMC

Karen joined us directly after completing her PhD on stem cells and ageing at the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Karen will tell you about her responsibilities for a group of journals that Springer Nature co-publishes with societies.


Larry Greenemeier

Associate Editor, Scientific American

Larry joined Scientific American to develop their online technology content. Larry commissions stories on a range of topics including robotics, computers; and develops videos or podcasts to accompany the stories.


Becky Zhao

Senior Editor, Biomedicine Springer

Becky began her publishing career as an intern in the Springer New York office and moved to our Beijing office in 2005. Leading the biomedicine book and journal programme in China, Becky will tell you how her work raises the visibility of Chinese science.