Frontend Development

We're a friendly bunch for the most part, until we hear the words 'just a small text change'

What we do

We work closely with other teams in the digital department and across the business, to ensure the continuous delivery of high quality websites, software and documentation. We like progressive enhancement, accessibility, graded browser support, maintainability, open source, and beautiful readmes.

Tech we use

We use modern technology, but we don't ever jump on bandwagons. We do use Node, GitHub, Slack, semantic HTML, OOCSS/BEM, and plenty of static analysis (including - which we built ourselves).

How we work

We do as much as we can in the open, including writing our playbook; have a peek to see if you like the sort of stuff we do, and get a feel for how we interact with each other.

Get in touch

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And if there’s nothing suitable right now, send us your CV anyway - we are always interested in talking to like-minded people.