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What we do

You love testing

You can demonstrate a number of years’ experience testing complex web applications in teams that build software collaboratively.

You have a strong test mind-set, are context-driven, and have the courage to question what others might unwittingly take as tacit assumptions.

You have the technical skills to automate tests, the communication skills to collaborate with your team, and the creative hands-on exploratory testing skills to ensure that the whole system works.

You’re used to working in iterative, collaborative agile development environments, and know exactly how you fit into that kind of team.

You like to be involved

You believe that testing is holistic and happens continuously in an agile environment. You can think logically and view situations from various perspectives.

You spend the time needed to build good relationships, especially with Developers, Product Owners, Business Analysts and UXD and.

You take an active part in team discussions and ceremonies, as well as the broader company community.

You also like to get your head down and focus on the nitty-gritty detail of the system in front of you. Session-based testing, Mindmaps and Test charters are not just buzzwords for you.

Your goal is delivery

Writing comprehensive automated tests is great, but you know that eliciting a clear set of robust requirements and acceptance criteria up-front is vital to your team’s success.

To that end, you set high value on first validating what’s the business value that the team is trying to achieve. You know the impact that not building things right first time has on customers, end-users, and the business.

And you’d like to work at Springer Nature…

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