Software Development

We support autonomy, mastery and purpose as the motivation for our developers. You can choose how you work, what languages you use, and what shape of biscuit you prefer.

What we do

We endorse values, not standards.

We ask that people hold themselves to our belief in continuous delivery, cross-functional teams, lower-case ‘a’ agile and lean approaches, but let teams decide how best to implement that.

We offer teams a large degree of autonomy. You need to be able to justify your choices to the entire team - not just devs – and be self-organised.

We have a diversity of styles, and consider this to be a strength. We have a range of teams, from those delivering once a month through to those pushing to production on every commit.

You are responsible for your code and its stability in production. As such, you’re given the power to make changes to the systems and processes to enable you to accomplish this.

We have cross-functional teams. You’ll work with BAs, UXD and POs to develop requirements, and with QAs to help validate your code. But there are no gatekeepers; we value skills that spread across disciplines.We have a tools and platform team, who work to make developers’ lives easier, via our internal CloudFoundry infrastructure and scriptable continuous delivery platform.

You can have a new project in production in minutes merely by pushing it to GitHub.

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