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Every day we work and communicate with thousands of researchers and educators worldwide. This year we asked our people to put forward a great story they had heard about or experienced that showcased the most exciting and inspirational things happening in the education, science and research world; a story in which Springer Nature played a part.

From an inbox-full of suggestions we selected a handful of the most powerful and engaging stories. Stories that highlight why we do what we do, stories that inspire and stories that make a difference to our communities, told by the people in those communities. 

Story Source provides a platform to showcase these exciting and aspirational stories. An opportunity to let the brave, dedicated and determined people from our communities tell their story, from the discovery of a new dinosaur species to raising awareness of the impact of Methane on our planet. As a publishing technology business, we are proud of our role, our part in the community, our place in these stories, working closely with our communities to ensure that knowledge can be found, verified, understood and used, to help improve and enrich our lives and protect our planet for future generations. Look out for more stories coming in 2022!  

Filling in the gaps

Professor Xiao-Nong Zhou was frustrated with the slow processes involved in accessing the thinking around eliminating Neglected tropical diseases (NTDs) connected with poverty. 

With the aim of identifying research gaps, Professor Zhou set about creating a new open-access journal - Infectious Diseases of Poverty.

This story was sourced by Karen Cheng, Senior Journal Development Editor.