Be part of progress by working at the forefront of technology

At Springer Nature we publish the research, provide the platforms and publish the research that speeds up science and learning. The work we do helps researchers make the breakthroughs needed to solve the world’s greatest challenges.

Our technology experts understand that developments such as AI and big data are changing the way we learn and discover. We are driven by the desire to create products and services that support the work of scientists and scholars, professors and teachers, students, and life-long learners.

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By working in our Technology teams you'll be personally contributing to helping scientists find and disseminate research, books, and curated content. We build the websites and services that deliver millions of articles used by researchers, scientists, and students around the globe, and allow authors to communicate their ground-breaking research to the widest audiences.

We work in collaborative, multi-disciplinary product development teams to create digital products and services and drive the company towards its strategic objectives, all while supporting the operation and growth of our business. Technology offers us exciting new tools to serve our customers and our colleagues.

Our technology teams work in these critical areas:

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