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Nationwide research integrity survey launched in the UK

Springer Nature launches second national initiative following recent Australian survey

London, 17 October 2022

A survey of researchers throughout the UK to learn more about their attitudes and understanding of issues around research integrity and the degree of institutional training provided commences today. The survey is being undertaken by Springer Nature with the aim of providing insight to research institutions and funders. It follows the inaugural survey that was carried out by Springer Nature in partnership with the Australian Academy of Sciences in Australia in 2021, with contributions from researchers at all levels of seniority, at a total of 34 universities and other research institutions.

As with the previous survey, the UK study will seek to address the following:

  • To determine the scale of training on research integrity (using the NIH definition of the term on the basis that it is an established, internationally recognised standard) and good research practices provided to researchers, including how it is provided, who provides it, and with what frequency;
  • To understand the perceived need and quality of such training;
  • To understand what topics are covered and whether they align with the researchers’ needs (as identified by them).

Dr Ed Gerstner, Director of Research Environment Alliances at Springer Nature said, “Although the level of training that researchers get on research integrity has improved over the past two decades since I was an active researcher, surprisingly little is known about the who, where, and what of this training. With this survey, we are hoping to get a sense of the baseline for the provision of training in and understanding of research integrity in the UK. The aim - to help institutions build on the good work that has already been done. And we’re looking forward to sharing that knowledge with institutions and funders to help to support these ambitions, as we have in Australia.”

Planning for further surveys in other countries is also underway at Springer Nature. Dr Gerstner added, “Given that research is a global undertaking and that ensuring its integrity relies on us all, Springer Nature is looking to extend this survey to other parts of the world, and expects to be able to announce surveys in additional regions in the near future.”


Notes for editors

The survey will run from 17th October–18th December 2022. Responses to the survey will be strictly confidential and anonymous and results will only be analyzed in aggregate. Once complete, the aggregate results will be shared with universities, funders and other stakeholders in research throughout the UK.

The survey link for UK participants can be found here

To find out more about the findings of the Australian survey, please visit the full report here.

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Alice Henchley | Communications Director | Springer Nature