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Springer Nature becomes first publisher to partner with CiteAb - helping researchers with their experiments by streamlining access to high quality life science data

Integrating its Protocols and Methods Portfolio data into the CiteAb platform will add to the resources already available to help researchers make more informed decisions in the planning and carrying out of their experiments 

London | Bath, 1st September 2022

Reagents - core components in chemical, biochemical and related lab work - are essential for researchers and academics to be able to plan their experiments and develop their research. However, many experiment reproducibility problems can be tied directly to reagents. It is estimated that up to $28 billion annually is wasted on irreproducibility in pre-clinical research - which has a large global impact on the development of high quality research to tackle medical, environmental problems, due to the time wasted in having to correct the reagents the work is based on.

The partnership between Springer Nature and CiteAb, the first with a publisher for the data company, will see selected journal and book citation data from the publisher integrated into CiteAb’s search engine, helping researchers make more informed decisions when identifying the best reagent for their experiments. With over 3 million citations and 10 million+ reagents  now included in the platform, researchers are provided with a more comprehensive view of the most commonly used products in their research field enabling them to: see how and where they are used and to what effect; search for what they need in one place; and have access to information on the  suppliers of reagents, all which helps to save them time and money when identifying the products that are most appropriate for their own experiments.

Commenting on the partnership, Robin Padilla, Ph.D., Director of Product Management, Digital Life Science Solutions at Springer Nature said:

“We are delighted to be the first publisher to partner with CiteAb, as we look to utilise the expertise of the Springer Nature Data Solutions team alongside CiteAb’s fresh approach to the market, to help find solutions to some of the data and resource challenges that face researchers when conducting experiments.

We know that it is incredibly time intensive for researchers to find not only high quality content, but the most suitable resources  - data and products - that they need for their lab, experiment and research work. This partnership seeks to address that challenge by combining our high quality data and content with CiteAb’s innovative platform and search functionality,  and using state of the art text and data mining APIs  to streamline that search process.”

CiteAb’s CEO, Dr Andrew Chalmers added

“We are extremely excited to be partnering with Springer Nature. Their commitment to publishing research of the highest quality aligns with our commitment to generating the highest quality data. Accessing their content will allow us to generate unique data and use it to inform researchers and suppliers, ultimately helping them to advance science more quickly.”


About Springer Nature 

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About CiteAb

CiteAb provides world-leading data that accelerates scientific research. Our industry-leading data collection technology combines machine learning and extensive human reviewing in order to identify and understand reagent use from scientific publications. This highly accurate data is used to power all of our products, which help researchers source and suppliers sell the best reagents. Our search engine ranks products by citations, fundamentally changing the way researchers find the best products for their experiments, and our data-based products are used to inform suppliers globally. Over 4 million pages of information were served to CiteAb users in the last year, from searches of over 6.8 million reagents. We are a committed group of biologists and computer scientists dedicated to helping the world’s best scientists and suppliers tackle the big problems in life science research. For more information visit www.citeab.com


Felicitas Behrendt | Communications Manager, External Communications | Springer Nature | felicitas.behrendt@springernature.com