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Science Stories provides a platform to showcase some of the most exciting and inspirational stories happening in the science and research world. An opportunity to let the brave, dedicated and determined people from these communities tell their story, from the discovery of a new dinosaur species to raising awareness of the impact of Methane on our planet. As a publishing technology business, we play our role in those stories, working closely with our communities to ensure that knowledge can be found, verified, understood and used, to help improve and enrich our lives and protect our planet for future generations.

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Improving the publication process for researchers

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Accelerating the pace of researcher submission

Researchers have significant pressures placed on them to complete and publish their research. One of our real strengths is the level of engagement we have with the research community and it was by listening to them that we set out our clear ambition for a new system that would be easy, smooth and fast. We worked closely with researchers throughout the design and development process – building on their feedback to refine the user experience. The new submission system has already reduced average submission times by 30% for Scientific Reports – one of the largest journals in the world. We are using the same researcher-centric approach to extend and scale the system so that ultimately it will be used from submit-to-accept across the whole Springer Nature journal portfolio, transforming how we handle peer review and significantly reducing the  average time from acceptance to publication.


“The system of the submission provides us very detailed tips to submit the paper, whether people’s mother tongue is English or not, they can understand the submission process easily.” 

PHD/Masters student (China), Nature Sustainability

 “The web page was the easiest I have ever worked with for submissions.”

Principal Investigator, Scientific Reports

Creative and engaging learning for young children

Project based learning for pre-primary learners

In Spain, our Research and Product Insight Department are in regular contact with teachers and schools, so we can respond to new methodologies in education. We combine this insight with our knowledge of the latest educational trends to develop new books, courses and resources that help teachers translate these trends into materials they can use in the classroom. In the pre-primary segment, we were aware of the growing trends for project-based learning, especially to introduce children to science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics. When we saw The Garden Project, created by Hoopla Education, at a teacher event, we were convinced that this product could meet teachers' needs and provide an engaging learning experience for children. We worked alongside a number of target schools and expert pre-primary teachers to further develop the materials to best meet the needs of young children in Spain.


“We especially like this project as it’s based on nature and growing plants and vegetables which makes learning meaningful for children. As it’s so ‘hands-on’, it supports the development of fine motor skills."

Semi Private School Teacher, Madrid

“The teachers are really excited about using it as there are fantastic learning opportunities in the activities suggested in the teacher's resources, and it also makes documenting learning much easier using the journals provided.”

Early Years Coordinator, Madrid

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Helping doctors stay up-to-date

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Content platform Medicine Matters

Healthcare professionals across the globe are constantly learning and striving to improve and accelerate their clinical knowledge, but keeping up to speed with the latest advances in major diseases is not easy when change is happening so quickly. We know from working with physicians that they are looking for fast access to unbiased medical knowledge that will help them to first diagnose, and then decide the optimal treatment, for their patients. To meet these needs, Springer Healthcare has developed Medicine Matters, a content platform that offers healthcare professionals across diabetes, cancer and rheumatology, up-to-date clinical summaries, expert commentary and practical tips to improve daily practice. Underpinned by the scientific integrity of an independent international editorial board, the website is organised according to specialty or topic area, allowing users to easily identify and access the information that is most relevant for them. 


“Offers lots of information, easy to navigate. As a diabetes educator I need to know the big picture, so sites like this are very important to us.”

Diabetes Educator, US

“What I love best about Medicine Matters Diabetes is that I can get multiple levels of information. I have highlights and short pieces that succinctly summarize the latest news, but if there is something I want to know more about, this site has so much more.”

Family Physician and Diabetologist, US

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