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Springer Nature signs England's Time to Change mental health pledge and commits to supporting staff wellbeing

Springer Nature is the first academic research publisher to join a growing group of employers signing the pledge to tackle mental health stigma and discrimination. 

London, 17 January 2019

Springer Nature is joining a growing group of more than 1000 employers in England to sign the Time to Change employer pledge to tackle mental health stigma and discrimination. The first academic research publisher to do so, Springer Nature is making a series of commitments which together aim to change the way we all think about and act on mental health in the workplace.  Time to Change is a social movement led by charities Mind and Rethink Mental Health and funded by the Department of Health, Comic Relief and the Big Lottery Fund.  

As part of its pledge to raise awareness about mental health, Springer Nature will encourage employees to talk about their experiences of mental health issues, provide more information and mental wellbeing and support services, and equip managers with skills to discuss mental health with their staff.

A dedicated group of employees, who have volunteered as wellbeing champions, will guide colleagues to available resources, support and shape the wellbeing agenda for Springer Nature in the UK and play a key role in fostering a positive culture by embedding this role into their working day. All of the 17 wellbeing champions have been trained as mental health first aiders to provide additional support to colleagues. During the coming year, training sessions for line managers will provide them with tools to discuss mental health and resilience with their staff and there will be a campaign to promote a range of support services.

Sir Philip Campbell, Editor-in-Chief of Springer Nature, who signed the pledge on behalf of Springer Nature said: “If the 20th century was the century that successfully tackled infectious disease, the 21st century will hopefully be known as the century that tackles chronic disease. And no chronic disease takes as big a toll on society as brain diseases and mental illness. I’m delighted that Springer Nature has chosen to take this step and make a public commitment which recognises the importance of mental wellbeing and I hope that all our colleagues feel better able to talk about their own mental health and seek help if and when it is needed.” 

Steven Inchcoombe, Chief Publishing Officer, Springer Nature: “Springer Nature is a people business – our company values reflect this. Our aim is to create a supportive and stimulating environment where everyone can thrive. Research shows that mental health issues significantly compromise and too often have a silent impact on us all. As this campaign says, it is time to change. In the UK today we are pledging to apply the time to change seven key principles via a simple strategy to get us all talking about mental health and bring it out of the shadows.”

Jo Loughran, Interim Director of Time to Change, said: “We know it can be hard to talk about mental health, which is why we’re supporting employers to open up; to talk and to listen. Too many people with mental health problems are made to feel isolated, ashamed and worthless, but with the right support, those of us with mental health problems can recover and have equal opportunities in all areas of life. Everyone’s attitude makes a difference and it’s fantastic to see organisations like Springer Nature taking the lead.”

About Springer Nature Group

Springer Nature is a leading research, educational and professional publisher, providing quality content to our communities through a range of innovative platforms, products and services. Every day, around the globe, our imprints, books, journals and resources reach millions of people – helping researchers, students, teachers and professionals to discover, learn and achieve more. 

About Time to Change

Time to Change is a campaign to change how we all think and act about mental health problems, led by the charities Mind and Rethink Mental Illness. It is funded by the Department of Health, Comic Relief and the Big Lottery Fund. Set up to create a positive shift in public attitudes towards mental health problems, Time to Change supports communities, schools and workplaces to open up to mental health problems; to talk and to listen.
For more information go to www.time-to-change.org.uk

Department of Health

On 2 February 2011 the Department of Health launched No health without mental health, a cross-government mental health outcomes strategy for people of all ages which has the twin aims of keeping people well and improving their mental health and, when people are not well, improving their outcomes through high-quality services.

The strategy is based on six shared objectives, developed with partners from across the mental health sector, and focuses on recovery and the reduction of stigma and discrimination as overarching themes. 

To reduce the stigma faced by people with mental health problems, the Department has been supporting Time to Change, the anti-stigma campaign run by the charities Mind and Rethink Mental Illness, since 2011.

** For access to a range of free images to accompany mental health news stories please visit: http://www.time-to-change.org.uk/getthepicture. These images have been developed by the anti-stigma campaign Time to Change, run by the charities Mind and Rethink Mental Illness, and funded by the Department of Health, Comic Relief and the Big Lottery Fund.


Thea Sherer

Director of Group Communications

Springer Nature


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