At Springer Nature, we believe that AI will significantly improve the pace and quality of discovery and enable us to better serve our scientific communities. Additionally, AI helps us make our business operations more efficient. In both areas, we put humans and our communities at the centre of our decision making.

Our AI Innovation Framework encourages participation and ensures innovations align with ethical and legal guidelines, avoid duplication, and most importantly, create value for users and customers.

This includes evaluating technologies and approaches to harness the latest technological advances in a customisable, safe and user-friendly way. In addition to the tailored solutions we are building with AI, we are developing a content distribution strategy designed to enable our customers to leverage our content while ensuring that our authors and our organisation retain control over the ultimate use.

We are approaching AI responsibly

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Building teams and AI literacy

Establishing dedicated AI teams and making everybody AI savvy to enable teams across the business to execute the opportunities

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Building partnerships

Working with world renowned technology leaders and expert suppliers


Awareness of ethics

Creation of five principles covering dignity, respect, minimising harm, fairness, transparency, accountability, privacy and data governance to govern AI initiatives

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AI governance and innovation processes

AI governance and innovation processes to operationalize our AI principles via decision forums with a clear scope and mandate