At Springer Nature, our values and ways of working are more than words on a screen. They are lived across the organisation by our people. Each of our four values - Partnership, Integrity, Drive and Responsibility - is directly linked to two ways in which we work.

TRUST each other:

Value the strengths and recognise the contribution that everyone makes to the success of the group. Encourage others to be accountable in their areas of expertise and responsibility. Empower and delegate effectively, setting direction and sharing responsibility for achieving results in the best possible way. 

ENGAGE to build strong relationships:

Listen to feedback; engage with other points of view and value new ideas. Communicate your vision clearly, carefully tailoring your channels, language and style to reflect the needs of a global and diverse audience with different first languages and cultural perspectives.

Deliver on your promises and PRIORITIES:

Take responsibility for delivering results and meeting targets. Be reliable, keep promises and meet timelines. Stay open to the opinions of others – respecting decisions and being prepared to alter your approach and priorities if required.  

INSPIRE through your actions:

Be true to yourself and a role model for others – fair and respectful regardless of their role or position. Demonstrate the importance of learning quickly from mistakes in order to build an environment in which creativity and innovation can thrive.

Activate CHANGE:

Respond positively to the need for change in a constantly evolving environment. Support others so that they continue to perform at their best even during uncertainty. Be flexible, adapting your actions and approach and setting the right pace for change to ensure the success and wellbeing of everyone involved.

Accelerate your POTENTIAL:

Commit to learning and development for yourself and others. Play your part in creating a stimulating environment where people learn from new experiences and develop their careers; so that everyone enjoys their time at work and achieves a good balance in their professional and personal lives.

Do the right thing for all our COMMUNITIES:

Use insight and data to drive sustainable solutions that make a real difference to our customers and communities. Play your part in ensuring that we act as a responsible business, helping to deliver progress for all.


Actively encourage a working environment that promotes diversity and recognises ideas and opinions of all in line with our values. Think and act globally, keeping the needs of local colleagues and customers in mind. Model inclusive behaviour, demonstrate your commitment to anti-racism and uphold our Code of Conduct.