One topic. Two guests. Boundless perspectives.

At Springer Nature we strongly believe that solving the planet’s big challenges requires teamwork, cross disciplinary thinking and openness to views that challenge the way we think. We are curious by nature, constantly ask questions, try new things and rejoice in the different in order further unlock the power of science and research.

‘In Conversation’ is a new series which, by bringing together two guests to discuss a topical issue, will shine a light on new thinking and ideas and provide fresh perspectives on common themes.

Latest episode


  • Sir Philip Campbell, Springer Nature Editor in Chief; Editor in Chief of Nature 1995 - 2018
  • Professor Heidi Larson, co-founder of the Vaccine Confidence Project; author of
    Stuck: How Vaccine Rumours Start and Why They Don’t Go Away

Join this first episode of In Conversation where Philip and Heidi discuss topical issues such as why are people hesitant about getting vaccinated, what can we do about it, and whether vaccine mandates are the way forward.