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Congratulations to the 2023 Nobel Prize Laureates

London | New York | Berlin, 11 October 2023

Springer Nature extends its warmest congratulations to this year’s Nobel Prize Winners, all of whom have made a prolific contribution to their respective fields.

In celebration of:

  • Katalin Karikó and Drew Weissman, Nobel Prize winners in Physiology or Medicine
  • Pierre Agostini, Ferenc Krausz and Anne L’Huillier, Nobel Prize winners in Physics 
  • Moungi Bawendi, Louis Brus and Alexei I. Ekimov, Nobel Prize winners in Chemistry
  • Claudia Goldin, winner of The Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel

Springer Nature has compiled their publications with us on a dedicated landing page, further collections for Physiology or Medicine, Physics, and Chemistry from the Nature portfolio of journals are also available. Their open access articles are available free of cost on a permanent basis. 

On these pages you will find publications such as: Physiology or Medicine Nobel Laureate Katalin Karikó’s ‘COVID-19 vaccine BNT162b1 elicits human antibody and TH1 T cell responses’ article in Nature, Physics Nobel Laureate Pierre Agostini’s article ‘Strong-field photoionization revisited’ published in Nature Physics and a book chapter, ‘Sentinel Lymph Node Mapping With Type-II Quantum Dots’, published in ‘Quantum Dots’ from Moungi Bawendi, Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry.

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Juliette Kretels | External Communications | Springer Nature