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Hidden Paths to Extinction – Global warming is just a small part of the process

Giovanni Strona is an ecologist and a researcher at the European Commission. His Springer book “Hidden Paths to Extinction” shares the multitude of pathways that can lead to biodiversity loss. According to the book, global warming’s effect on the survival of species is only one small part of the complex process. We need to move our focus away from individual species and start looking for the invisible connections linking their past, present and future existence.  

This story was sourced by Lars Koerner, Senior Editor, Medicine and Life Sciences Books at Springer Nature Group

In Conversation - Jessica Gedamu & John Amaechi

What does it mean to be a diverse and equitable organisation and why does it matter? In this episode of In Conversation Jessica Gedamu and John Amaechi explore the role of leaders in creating inclusive and high performing environments, and the impact this can have on delivering research and publishing goals.

  • Jessica Gedamu, VP Global Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Springer Nature
  • John Amaechi, Organisational psychologist and Founder of APS Intelligence

Spotlight On... Engaging Your Readers and Authors

How factual is the assumption that publishing less always results in higher impact for journals? Discover how a high volume of content in specific sub-disciplines can lead to an increase in high quality submissions, and why quantity and quality are complementary strategies for journal development.