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Nature India celebrates ten years of advancing discovery

​​​​​​​Publication puts spotlight on evidence-based solutions to India's grand challenges, as Nature Careers India launches to serve growing scientific workforce

London, 25 April 2018

Nature India, the leading publication for research and science news from India, has celebrated its ten year​​​​​​​ anniversary, marking the milestone with a series of events in New Delhi and by publishing a special issue on grand societal challenges that sheds light on solutions to some of India's most pressing socio-economic issues.

A decade of reporting has seen Nature India establish itself as a leading voice that serves the research community in India. Its award winning content – which includes in-depth commentaries, news and feature articles and research highlights – has documented the region's rapidly changing scientific scene and efforts to embrace globalisation.

Since its inception, Nature India has covered major science news stories of regional significance, including: the visible impacts of climate change in the Bay of Bengal; a diabetes-free desert tribe in Madhya Pradesh; the poor genetic diversity threatening to wipe out the dwindling population of the Kashmir red deer; and the reasons behind the reduced productivity of Indian scientists returning from abroad.

Subhra Priyadarshini, Editor of Nature India, said: "Nature India's first ten years have coincided with a time of great promise for Indian science. Our editorial team has strived to identify the most important discoveries and news stories from the region and take them to the widest possible audience. As we move forward, Nature India can continue to play a crucial role in science communication, whether it's with researchers or the wider public in India, or by showcasing the very best of Indian science to the world."

Nature Research is celebrating the anniversary in a number of ways, including by:

  • Publishing the Nature India special issue on grand challenges, which looks closely at issues faced by India's 1.3 billion people – poverty, daunting demographics, growing urbanization, energy needs, healthcare and the environment – and how science and innovation can inform long-term policy responses. With examples and case studies of evidence-based solutions, the Nature India special issue on grand challenges hopes to enlighten scientists, policy-makers and business leaders who can be catalysts for change – both in India and across the globe.
  • Launching Nature Careers India, which is now live at naturecareersindia.com. The site aims to meet the needs of India's burgeoning scientific community – illustrated by the additional 100,000 researchers who become science post-doctorates each year – and connect researchers and employers in India to ensure that the right talent is in place at every level of the scientific workforce. A survey by Nature Careers in 2017 showed that students in Asia were more likely than the international average to read Nature Careers and use Nature Jobs, and respondents from India indicated that they are also more likely to pursue research careers and look for funding grants than the international average. Nature Careers India offers a comprehensive portal specifically dedicated to the scientific sector in India. Suitable for those at every stage of their careers, it will provide guidance for job seekers – both for those either within India or returning from overseas – and allow users to set up personalised job and event alerts. 
  • Holding a series of events in New Delhi with partners in the research community focused on the future of Indian science.

Nature India is part of Nature Research's wider efforts to advance the discovery of researchers' work and provide them with tools to help them succeed in their careers. Nature Research supports academics and institutions through capacity building workshops and seminars, as well as online and in-person training.


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