Acting on carbon

In 2019, we brought together a group of Springer Nature colleagues, including senior managers and sustainability experts, to develop our approach to carbon offsetting. We decided to offset those emissions we have limited scope to reduce, such as essential business travel. The offsetting projects we support must generate independently verified carbon saving that would not have otherwise occurred and have a positive social impact.


In 2020, we supported CommuniTree, in Nicaragua, a project certified by Plan Vivo which gives local farmers the chance to earn more from reforesting their land with indigenous trees than deforesting it. CommuniTree is run by the not-for-profit Taking Root, and is working with C Level. It is the largest reforestation programme in Nicaragua and helps farming families grow forests on their own land while creating long term sustainable livelihoods.

The project has engaged with thousands of smallholder farming families and the CommuniTree project team has created its own world class technology platform, Farm Trace. This innovative technology continuously monitors and communicates on the growth of the forests. It is creating sustainable, long-lasting indigenous forests that provide long-term benefits to people, ecosystems and the climate.

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