Open Science

What is our sector telling us about the transition?

About the event

The COVID-19 pandemic was a global example of the power of open science - the most visible example of the benefits that can be delivered when research, data, code etc is immediately available for using, sharing and collaborating. Yet despite this, evidence still shows there is a gap between the willingness to share, and taking action to do so.

Drawing on industry reports alongside a comprehensive survey of Springer Nature authors, Chloe O’Donnell  and Susie Winter will discuss this gap between engagement and action and what we as a sector need to do if we want to drive forwards, and achieve, global sustainable open science.

  • Chloe O’Donnal, Research Analyst, Research Marketing Strategy, Springer Nature
  • Susie Winter, VP External Communications, Springer Nature


What role does technology, AI and digital solutions play in advancing the role and production of research?

About the event

Joining Springer Nature as its first Chief Solutions Officer,  Harsh Jegadeesan has been tasked with looking at products and solutions to help improve scientific research and discovery. In conversation with leading research journalist Tim Gillett, Jegadeesan will explore this step change in research, looking at the implications of digital platform, tools and services not only for researchers across academia, but also businesses and research institutions in advancing knowledge and driving forward open science.

  • Tim Gillett, Freelance Journalist, Editor and Copywriter. Formerly editor of Research Information
  • Harsh Jegadeesan, Chief Solutions Officer, Springer Nature

DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion)

From commitment to reality – the role of publishers in championing DEI in academia

About the event

Publishers can and should have an active role in DEI. Why? Because through our publishing activity and partnerships we know that we can bring a credible evidence-based approach, awareness and interdisciplinary collaboration to tackling some of the key challenges in making the research environment more diverse, equitable and inclusive. 

Bringing together representatives across publishing, partnerships and editorial, this session will explore the active role that publishers can take to help overcome some of these challenges, whilst addressing the opportunities that we collectively have at our disposal and exploring ways in which we, as a sector, can drive these forwards.

  • Celeste Biever, Chief News & Features Editor, Nature Portfolio, Springer Nature
  • Thea Sherer, Director of Sustainability and Climate Action Officer, Springer Nature
  • Sowmya Swaminathan, Head of Collaborations, Editorial Excellence, Springer Nature